CRMCS Resources

Personnel Cards

There are a few options to choose from when printing. Listed below are the card design option when printing the ID card for a responder.

R_Card_Oklahoma This is the basic design, and it can be used for anybody.

R_Card_Oklahoma_with_Icon This design adds a small logo below the name that is based on the type of organization to which the responder belongs.

R_Card_Oklahoma_with_OtherID This design does not have the organization type icon, but does include the printed "Other ID" field.

R_Card_Oklahoma_with_Icon_and_OtherID This prints the organization type icon and the "Other ID" field (Radio Number, Call Sign, etc.) on the front if the card.

When you run the template installer you will have a selection for your region or "State". This determines which state image appears in the bottom left of the ID card.

Equipment Cards

Although they are not all pictured here, there are equipment templates for all eight of the standard template colors as in personnel above.

Rapid Tags

R_Card_rapidTAG, E_Card_rapidTAG, and, C_Card_rapidTAG are the templates you will need to select in Rapid Tag.

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